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So Many Paths, So Many Choices: The Transition Conundrum

For close to 20 years, I've seen them. I've watched them wander frantically from table to table at transition fairs. I've taken calls from them with distress in their voices, looking for answers where there seem to be only questions. These are families whose children are transitioning from teen years to adulthood, high school to college, the safely of home to the real world. I've played a part in many transitions as a professional and I've managed transitions as a mom. It's never easy and it's always an emotional experience for the families and for the individual who is making the transition.

What I've rarely seen is one individual dedicated to helping families and youth to weigh all the options against each other, determine the best path, and help plot the course. This is something was do with great passion at Melanie Hood-Wilson and Associates. We have experience in transition and we have played a key role in guiding many youth through their journeys to independence.

The key to a successful transition is a clear understanding of the transitioning individual. What interests them? What are their passions? What do they enjoy? What makes them uncomforable? Bored? Anxious? What are their goals and what is the smartest path to obtaining them, a path that is customized for that person?

In transition, even more than in most areas of life, it is all in the journey. We want to help navigate a journey in which confidence is built, self-knowledge is gained, and new possibilities are discovered with every hurdle and every success.

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