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Not a One Trick Pony

Lunching with friends over the weekend and discussing education, we began to debate the merits of a liberal arts education versus an education more rooted in preparation for a single vocation. As the recipient of a liberal arts education, I am very grateful for the myriad skills, the diverse concepts, the wide knowledge base that I gained by studying a plethora of topics and subjects over my four years of undergrad.

Likewise, I find that a diverse skill base is essential to my work as a consultant. While Melanie Hood-Wilson and Associates focuses primarily on the development of curriculum and programming for individuals with disabilities and learning challenges, we also provide a wide variety of services and expertise in numerous areas of education. We are experienced in coaching teachers in differentiation of instruction for students with special needs and for struggling learners. We provide presentations and workshops for individuals with learning challenges who are transitioning to competitive employment, higher education, or independent living. We provide private coaching to clients who are learning to live and work independently. We also work with agencies and organizations to improve their servicers, navigate their strategic planning, and strengthen their work in providing services to their students or clients.

No company can be all things to all people. Our focus is on helping you to prepare individuals with challenges for independent employment and successful adult living. We know that this is the ultimate goal of education. By approaching that work in numerous ways and by customizing everything we offer to an organization’s needs and identity, we are able to raise our clients’ games in meeting achieving this goal.

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