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Moments That Make It All Worthwhile

I currently earn my living by providing consulting to public school systems and non-profits on how to better serve individuals with disabilities and I also work with private clients who are folks with disabilities, coaching them on different elements of the transition to independent living and independent employment.

Today, I had a session with one of my private coaching clients, with whom I am working on managing her household budget and cooking healthy meals. As we cooked a dish together, I asked her how many quarter cups equaled a half cup of the ingredient that she needed for the dish. She answered correctly and when I asked her how she knew this she said to me “You told me that four quarter cups equals one whole cup, so I thought 2 quarter cups would be a half cup. “

I got kind of teary-eyed! She: 1. Paid attention to what I taught her, 2. Remembered what I taught her, 3. Used critical thinking to extend upun what I taught her, 4. And applied what I taught her to something that she’ll be doing in her everyday life.

After years of administration, this reminded me how much I really loved teaching.

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