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Learning at Home is an Opportunity

Many parents have experienced the joys (?) of watching our kids learn from home during the Covid 19 pandemic. They log on for an hour or so of class discussion. They complete packets. They are bored and disengaged with the learning process. This is not what distance learning can or should be!

Learning at home is an opportunity to use resources that are not typically found in a classroom! At home, your child has a kitchen, multiple water sources, and unlimited access to supplies often shared in a classroom. If you have a backyard or a neighborhood park, there are endless opportunities exciting outdoor learning. Best of all, learning at home presents an opportunity to tailor learning to your child's own interests.

Because this need is so dire and we want to see your child take full advantage of the learning opportunities at home, Melanie Hood-Wilson and Associates is now offering online learning that is hands on, project based, and, most importantly, customized to your child's learning abilities and interests. Using the model of Emergent Curriculum in which math, reading, English, science, and social studies learning happens through exploration of a child's interests, MHWA offers three-day and two-day a week packages that blend distance learning with outdoor exploration, and whatever interests your child. Our team of educators has over 75 years of experience in teaching and engaging learners of all ability levels.

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