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Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

Like many parents, I’ve had my frustrations with online learning since schools closed because of the Covid 19 pandemic. I don’t care for seat work and have even less tolerance for worksheets and packets. Unfortunately, when the curveball that is Corona Virus caused schools to move to online instruction, schools largely abandoned progressive methods and returned to the tried and… well, not so true. There were plenty of reasons for this, the most valid being the digital divide that prevents so many lower income families from having Wi-Fi or up to date devices in their homes.

After spending the spring and part of the summer complaining about this to all who would listen, I realized that this was actually a call to service for me and for my company. I love consulting and coaching. I love helping education organizations and leaders to provide better, stronger content and services for their students. And after a 28-year career of providing those services myself, I’ve answered that call by expanding the offerings of Melanie Hood-Wilson and Associates to include educational programming.

From one on one project-based instruction to classes exploring America’s culture of race and book clubs dedicated to exploring our many identities as Americans, Melanie Hood-Wilson and Associates is providing engaging instruction designed to help youth improve their skills and to better understand the times in which we live. I’ve also returned to my professional roots by offering new programming for adults with disabilities who are stuck at home while day service providers are closed for the pandemic and new services for youth who are transitioning to the adult world.

Necessity is truly the mother of invention and my company strives to meet all of those needs that are unanswered by the education organizations in your community. I’ve stopped complaining and started working to solve these issues. I’ve chosen to lead, instead of following.

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