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Answering the Call

I hope this truly strange year finds you healthy and well. After 18 years of designing and managing programming at CCBC, I was looking forward to designing curriculum for others to program. However, we are living in interesting times, and I have heard the call from so many parents that there is a need for something more engaging and effective in learning during the pandemic. 

To address this, Melanie Hood-Wilson and Associates is now offering online and in-person/small group learning experiences for kids from pre-k through 12 that is hands-on, project based, and centered around the whole child and that child's specific interests. I've attached an information document with details about our services and our approach.This is meant to supplement the child's school experiences, not to replace school itself. If you'd like to discuss this, I'm sure you have families who might benefit from our services. 

I guess you can take the girl out of the program, but you can't take programming out of the girl! 

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